Top 10 Car Exports in 2021 (Cars exported to India)

The second wave of the country’s coronavirus pandemic has marked a huge dent from the top level industries to each working citizen. Many who have planned and prepared to buy a vehicle had to back down due to the unprecedented disasters in their lives. This has caused innumerable loss in the automobile industry in our country. Though the domestic automobile industry is struggling, the export market has always been buoyant in sales figures. In the month of April, 42,025 units were sold to international markets as compared to 39,147 units in the month of March.



No. Exported cars April 2021 March 2021 Difference Growth % (MoM) % of Share (April 2021)
1 Baleno 4,506 1,035 3,471 335.36 10.72
2 Ecosport 3,558 2,051 1,507 73.48 8.47
3 Creta 3,145 3,572 -427 -11.95 7.48
4 Swift DZire 2,762 1,223 1,539 125.84 6.57
5 Seltos 2,611 3,039 -428 -14.08 6.21
6 S-Presso 2,193 2,678 -485 -18.11 5.22
7 Aura 2,078 725 1,353 186.62 4.94
8 Jimny 1,733 407 1,326 325.8 4.12
9 Sunny 1,653 4,941 -3,288 -66.55 3.93
10 Brezza 1,633 855 778 90.99 3.89



There are many cars that are manufactured in our country which are not on sale for us, but ships to other countries. Here are few of the best selling export cars from India:


  1. KiaSeltos


The South Korean cousins are among the top five best selling manufacturers in the country. Kia Seltos not only grabbed a major share of compact SUVs in the domestic market, but also the number of units sold in the export market. Kia Seltos has been jumping around the top 10 list since January 2021, and in the April 2021 report, it has recorded 2,611 units sold. It had a 14.08% decline from its previous month, recording 3,039 units, which was the 3rd best seller in March 2021 report.


  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire


Maruti Suzuki is among the top gainers of export sales of April, and Swift DZire sold 2,762 units, a substantial increase of 125.84% from the previous month. The model solely owns a share of 6.57% in April month’s export sales. There is news coming in that for the domestic market ,Maruti Swift DZire is going to be implemented with a stronger hybrid system, along with other models.


  1. Hyundai Creta

Among the South Korean siblings, Hyundai is among the reigning leaders under the largest manufacturer in the country. Not only is Hyundai Creta one of the best selling cars since its initial days, it is also one of the major export figures in the country. It holds the top 5 position almost all the months, thanks to its long list of features and security under its reasonable price tag. In the month of April, Creta sold 3,145 units, which is 11.95% lower than the previous month, which had 3,572 units sent out.


  1. Ford Ecosport

Even though Ford India is struggling to sell their products in our domestic market, their export demand is always on a high, thanks to the solid reputation of Ford in international markets. Ford has managed to export 3,558 units in April, 73.48% over March’s sales, which was 2,051 units. Ecosport holds 8.47% of the total units sold in April month itself.


  1. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

This month, Maruti Suzuki reigns at the top for the best selling export vehicle in April month. With a whopping 338.36% growth from the previous month, they have sold 4,506 units (March export figure was just 1,035 units). Not only is MarutiBaleno on top at export sales, they have always been among the best selling vehicles every month in the domestic market as well.

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