Elliott Bali’s music style could best be described as a hybrid between reminiscent R&B vocals coupled with new era bass-pounding backtracks – definitely something worth listening to. With high reverb vocals and gut-wrenching drum kits, Elliott’s sound is already starting to get noticed on social media.   Today, being able to grow a large social media following and generate insights on your posts could actually be a full-time job in many senses. For artist Elliott Bali, garnering an interest from the masses has actually been more about the passion than the reward.   When it comes to generating a fanbase, […]

Tyler Valenzia was born October 14th, 1998. He grew up in a small community in Glen Burnie, Maryland. At the age of 2 years old, Tyler almost lost his life when he was attacked by two dangerous rottweilers. After going through multiple surgeries, doctors were able to save his right arm. He fully recovered and was left with a pretty big scar on his arm. At age 6, Tyler was introduced to soccer and wrestling. While growing up, Tyler was always very skinny and short compared to his peers.   By the time Tyler turned 14, he became interested in […]

If there is anything that new artists need today in order to stand out amongst the rest, it’s versatility. Meet one of 2021’s most versatile artists: Feddi K.   Feddy K’s music perfectly captures the feelings of being a young man in the modern world; a natural storyteller with an instantly recognizable voice. Everyday, Feddi becomes more and more like the artist in your library who is simply impossible to ignore. With a rapidly growing fanbase and a growing catalog of instantly memorable songs, Feddi is on the cusp of becoming one of this generation’s most vital young talents.   […]

Many argue that a true, natural, organic passion for a trade or art is a necessity and recipe for success. It’s also true the purest forms of passion and talent begin to form at an early age; for rising reggaeton artist Most Wanted, it wasn’t any different.   Most Wanted has always wanted to be a singer but wasn’t sure what genre she would eventually fall into until she got older. As a child, Most Wanted would hear reggaeton music playing almost everywhere she went. Some of the most iconic artists that would inspire her would range from artists like […]

Introduction One of Eminem’s children came out of as non-binary on Tik Tok. On social media it was explained that they have chosen the name Stevie and want to be called sonly Stevie for now on. Stevie Marshal recently shared this news to his fans on Instagram and TikTok. Steve will use he/she/they pronouns and considers themself to be gender fluid too. Prior to coming out they were called Whitney but please stop calling them that, it is their dead name now. Stevie is just at the beginning of his journey to becoming his authetntic self, but has already inspired […]

Introduction : There are several things you need to be aware of when an entrepreneur takes a risk in business in the first place. Although most entrepreneurs take risks in their business, they do not know how to apply the right plan and business tools. Rico Torres has created all kinds of business guidelines for audiences so that every entrepreneur can successfully reach business progress. As a successful entrepreneur worldwide, if you try to find the name of a person, the name of Rico Torres will come first. He provides all kinds of advice to entrepreneurs to start an online […]