Dreams always come true for people who take lots of efforts and appreciate every small or big opportunity that comes their way, Some people go their solo way to make their dreams come true; one of them is Nastaran Queen (musician and singer) who is all set to surprise her fans with a new song soon…   Nastaran Queen (also known as NastaranAfshar), Nastaran was born in Ahvaz, Iran. She is from the royal family of King Afshar (Nadir Shah Afshar). Since her childhood, Nastaran Queen had a keen interest in trying new things. Her classmates recall that her thinking […]

No wonder, losing weight and quitting social media are some of the most bizarre and cliché New Year resolutions that have been making the headlines for the longest time. Now that 2022 is just around the corner, it is essential for everyone to set realistic and intriguing New Year resolutions. After all, a sudden change in life should be different and unique. After all, you will be changing the dynamics of your routine to become a better version of yourself. In this blog, we will shed light on the best and most important New Year resolutions that you should focus […]

Nashville Recording Artist, Shelly Leatherman invested the first half of her career keeping a very private life, dedicated to working behind the scenes in top notch Recording Studios, Writing songs, Producing and Recording for Legendary Artist and Producers such as Amy Grant, Bob Marley’s band The Wailers, Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony), Morgan Heritage Band, Gramps Morgan, Stereotypes Producer Jeremy Reeves (Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion), Wallis Lane Producer Paimon Jahanbin (Drake, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Kanye West) and countless others.  Shelly’s name quickly became famous among Music’s biggest Superstars, as she evolved in her skillset as a Recording Engineer, […]

In today’s music world, creatives from all over the globe are tasked with possessing more than just talent. For many creators, becoming an entrepreneur in their own respective space is becoming more and more a necessity in today’s market and multi-talented is just the beginning when it comes to describing creator Mike Lubino.   Mike Lubino is an artist, well renowned author, composer and performer from Martinique and Guadeloupe. This multi-faceted creator knows more than a thing or two when it comes to design as he is also a multimedia communication designer and founder of his own label Sonad Production […]

Every once in awhile you will encounter someone in your life with a certain level of star power. As many believe, star power isn’t something you can necessary ascertain, but rather it’s something innate; something you are indescribably born with; and star power is just the beginning when it comes to describing Atlanta-based artist Lotto Bandz.   Hailing all the way from Saint Louis,Missouri, born and raised from a family stemming from musicality, Lotto Bandz (a.k.a. lotto) knew at early age that music would single handedly have the greatest impact on his life.   After years and years of the unconscious training after […]

In 2021, entering the music scene is no easy task. With such a wide array of artists from such unique backgrounds, the music industry today is truly made up of some of the most hardworking entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet; and artist Rome Lucio is one of them.   You might know Rome Lucio (aka Rome) as the flagship artist of Rama Music, stemming from the iconic music label group that evolved out of the Chicago House scene back in the late 80’s. Rome’s creative and melodic ability, coinciding with his bad boy image, are crucial in bringing out his unique […]

The United States has been the most prosperous country in history. As a result, prosecutors have the power to influence the outcome of a criminal case and thereby the course of someone’s life. Federal prosecutors are sworn to faithfully carry out their duties. As with all professions, there have been cases where federal prosecutors have broken this oath. In recent years, prosecutorial misconduct has come under intense scrutiny. Several high-profile cases have featured misconduct that has been egregious and troublesome (such as the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens). Jenny Grus Sugar   Jenny Grus Sugar, an assistant U.S. attorney for […]

Elliott Bali’s music style could best be described as a hybrid between reminiscent R&B vocals coupled with new era bass-pounding backtracks – definitely something worth listening to. With high reverb vocals and gut-wrenching drum kits, Elliott’s sound is already starting to get noticed on social media.   Today, being able to grow a large social media following and generate insights on your posts could actually be a full-time job in many senses. For artist Elliott Bali, garnering an interest from the masses has actually been more about the passion than the reward.   When it comes to generating a fanbase, […]

Tyler Valenzia was born October 14th, 1998. He grew up in a small community in Glen Burnie, Maryland. At the age of 2 years old, Tyler almost lost his life when he was attacked by two dangerous rottweilers. After going through multiple surgeries, doctors were able to save his right arm. He fully recovered and was left with a pretty big scar on his arm. At age 6, Tyler was introduced to soccer and wrestling. While growing up, Tyler was always very skinny and short compared to his peers.   By the time Tyler turned 14, he became interested in […]

If there is anything that new artists need today in order to stand out amongst the rest, it’s versatility. Meet one of 2021’s most versatile artists: Feddi K.   Feddy K’s music perfectly captures the feelings of being a young man in the modern world; a natural storyteller with an instantly recognizable voice. Everyday, Feddi becomes more and more like the artist in your library who is simply impossible to ignore. With a rapidly growing fanbase and a growing catalog of instantly memorable songs, Feddi is on the cusp of becoming one of this generation’s most vital young talents.   […]