First things first. What is a Herniated Disc?  As we age, the spinal plates steadily lose liquid volume. This preparation begins at around age 30 and advances gradually over time. You might get befuddled a small bit between a Bulging Circle and a Herniated Plate. Bulging circles are regularly thought to be the same as herniated circles, but that’s erroneous.    A herniated disc may be a generally common condition that can happen anyplace along the spine but most frequently influences the lower back or neck locale. Herniated plates are regularly caused by abuse wounds or injury to the spine; […]

Medical check-up is one way to prevent many diseases. A health check-up after a period of time can help people understand the possibility of the onset of a disease. These tests will tell you the least chance of illness. For adults over 60 or even 50, the aging process can harm their health. They receive the least amount of food and, compared to young people, they face many problems. Therefore, it is obvious that a person needs more care and regular health check-ups should be part of their life. The frequency and nature of the tests may vary depending on […]

According to National data compiled by the CDC, Americans all across the U.S. are riddled with bone loss and periodontal disease. Nearly 50% of Americans are experiencing some form of bone loss with over 30% of the total number experiencing some form of moderate to severe gum loss, bone loss, tooth loss and periodontal disease. Later we will highlight how laser dental treatment can be an important part of bone and gum rehabilitation. In many cases bone loss is attributed to bad lifestyle habits as well as indirectly attributed to poor health conditions. Unfortunately, diabetes could exacerbate poor oral health […]

In today’s age of Insta-selfie culture, dentures are becoming more and more sought after to renew faltering smiles all over the world. Many people choose dentures as an affordable means to replace missing teeth and deliver superior aesthetics. They are comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and fairly durable. However, they are still not as strong as your natural teeth. DENTURES REPAIRED   No matter how sturdy you think your dentures are, it is inevitable that they incur damage over time. And for times like these, denture repair is something you will have to consider. Use these tips to repair […]

Our hair is mostly in contact with pollution, and there are plenty of hair problems that will follow it. Even though you can add layers of lotions and protect your hair strands, the abuse of pollution can be harmful to your hair. It not only affects the texture but also impacts its growth. We generally use a cleansing shampoo to clean our hair. However, there’s more we need to do to safeguard our hair from pollution or detoxify it. Delhi is the most polluted city in our country. The air in the city is toxic for your health, especially hair. […]