3 Ways to Help Employees Back to the Office in 2021

This year many employees are looking to make their return back to the office after having to work from home for the last 12 months. As offices being to re-populate there a few things employers should consider when welcoming back their staff.


Keep it Flexible

As working arrangements have changed many will be looking forward to hybrid and flexible working arrangements where they can alternate between work and home. Although excited to return to the office many employees also developed a great liking to working from home. Many were able to find a better work-life balance and manage other important household tasks in breaks and find more time to look after their own personal wellbeing. It is important that employees can still maintain this balance with alternating days from home and office.



Keep it Safe

Although office spaces are opening up we have all learned a great number of lessons when it comes to personal hygiene and how viruses spread. It’s important to update your safety protocols to include items such as Antibacterial Spray, digital check-in, and face masks should they be requested. This will also help control the spread of germs in the workplace going forward. It is vital that your employees feel comfortable and safe when working. Achieving this will not only keep them happy but improve their productivity and morale.


Make it Social

This one way seem counterintuitive but it will be important to ensure a positive social environment where employees can safely mingle. Although many enjoy it, working from home can sometimes feel isolating, so it is important that employees feel welcomed back into an office space where they can have positive social interactions. Just make sure these spaces do not interfere with the work being conducted as that could also interfere with workers’ enjoyment of the office space.

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