Can you surf the Great Barrier Reef? Ask most people in the country and they will probably laugh before even answering. With all the coral breaking your stride and 1,400 miles of water to find the right location, most people would rather watch videos of people surfing from the comfort of their own homes than attempt to surf the Great Barrier Reef.   However, what you should know is that people have surfed the Great Barrier Reef before. Look on YouTube and you’ll see some brilliant videos of people teaming up with local fisherman to find the right surfing conditions. […]

Where will I travel next? With around 197 countries in the world today, choosing your next travel destination can be quite a challenging task. In fact, the process doesn’t have to be confusing. To help you ensure your next getaway is everything you want it to be, I’ve put together some travel destinations tips and the main things to consider when choosing a travel destination and planning your trip. Just work through them and make life a whole lot easier for yourself.   How I decide where I travel to next can depend on a lot of different factors. Everything from the […]