How to decide measurements for a curtain

Curtains cover a window and play an essential role in decorating a place. They are available in various colors, textures, patterns, and fabrics. Curtains provide privacy and enhance the beauty of a room.

Hanging curtain rods in the right spot is essential to ensure that the curtain is placed well to improve the room’s appearance. Curtains add style to the place and protect against sunlight and dust particles. Windows are necessary for all the rooms, and curtains are a great way to beautify the windows.


How to hang a curtain

Generally, curtains are hung eight inches above the window frame. Higher curtain rods make the window appear taller. Lighter curtain fabrics let in more light and keep the room airy. Thicker fabrics warm up the room and are suitable for the winter season.


How to place a curtain rod

Curtains are hung higher and wider than a window to make the window look bigger and allow more light into the room. The curtain rods should be positioned around 8 to 10 inches above the window. They must extend 10 to 12 inches on each side of the window.


How long should curtains be

The bottom of the curtains should just fall to the floor or puddle a bit. Most curtains fall an inch from the floor because puddling makes the curtain dirty quickly. When curtains just hit the floor, they provide a custom-made classic look.

Floor-length curtains are suitable for living rooms, and curtains that puddle on the floor are ideal for dining rooms. Curtains ending at the window sill are appropriate for kitchens.


How wide should curtains be

The width of a curtain should be 2 to 2½ times the window’s width. In most cases, the curtains are open during the day, and the curtain rod should extend a few inches on both sides of the window to create an illusion of a wider window. It overlaps the window and the wall and prevents light from leaking through the window edges.

Curtains that are pleated and made of thick materials should be two times the window’s width. If the material is thin, the width of the fabric should be nearly 2½ times to give a sense of fullness.

However, decorative curtains are usually 1½ times the width of the window. When the windows are open, the curtain is stacked on either side, and it should not block the window’s view.


How to select curtain fabric


The curtain fabric depends upon the mood of the room. Heavy silks and velvet suit formal spaces, and they need to be cleaned with care. Silky rayon blends are better options and are easy to maintain. Cotton and cotton blends give a crisp, neat look, and they blend with all types of decor.



The color of the curtain should complement the furniture in the room. It should also harmonize with the shades of the walls. Drapes of the same tone as the wall blend with the decor, and bold colors stand out and add to the room’s elegance.


Prints and patterns

The rule of thumb for choosing prints and patterns for a curtain is to select solid colors when other furnishings in the room are patterned. Printed curtains suit the room where other furnishings are of solid color.

Curtains of any color, pattern, and texture will create an excellent ambiance only by hanging the curtain rods at the appropriate position. Drapes give a dramatic look to the place, and by selecting suitable curtains, the area becomes more attractive and appealing.


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