Advantages of Having A Fireplace In Your Home

When most people are asked about a piece of the home design that is traditional and also striking, many will list a conventional fireplace in the living room. There is simply something about a fireplace in your home that adds an interesting topic of conversation and can add a touch of class to any room, even if it is a modern fireplace over a traditional option with a large mantle and covering.

Fireplaces also add a cozy feel to any home and are becoming more popular with interior design in 2022, even though most people would associate them with the Victorian or Georgian era.So, if you’re looking for a way to add functional charm to your home, read on for five advantages of having a fireplace installed.

Great Source of Heat

One of the best things about afireplace is that it is a great source of heat in the winter and autumn months. Plus, it is also an attractive source of heat. While radiators can warm up a room, to be perfectly frank, they are very rarely aesthetically appealing, and most people with a flair for interior design will have radiator covers made to cover them.

However, if you have a fireplace fitted, particularly one of the beautiful fireplaces London specialists offer,it is a great source of heat as well as a key design element if paired with a gorgeous mantlepiece and accessories.


Fireplaces also provide a source of light for any room that they are placed in, making them ideal for the traditional Christmas Eve or bonfire night theme. They can be a great way to light your living room or any other room they are placed in, especially if there is a power cut. Not only that but staring into a fireplace can also be very relaxing and has been linked to lower blood pressure.

Reduces Energy Bills

There is a lot to be said about the rising cost of energy, and with the previous advantages listed, having a fireplace can save you money on your heating and lighting bills. This puts a fireplace way above any other interior design aspect of your home, making it a practical solution for saving money as well as a functional decorative addition to your abode.

Adds Value

Homes that have a working fireplace or even a closed fireplace fetch higher prices in the rental and the housing market. This is because it’s not only an attractive interior feature, but as mentioned, it provides practicality in a home when it comes to reducing heating bills and lighting bills.


When you have visitors, an active fireplace can be a great focal point for starting a conversation. Not only that, but it is a wonderful place to huddle when you and your family come in from the cold trip outdoors or when you are damp from the rain, much more so than a radiator. As such, a fireplace can act as a beacon for social activity in your home.

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