How Can GPs Improve Patient Care?

For anyone working in the medical industry, patient care should be your top priority. Many patients can choose whether to opt for a nationalized provider or to go private. However, whichever they choose, shouldn’t the standard of care be the same? The patient’s experience stems from before they’ve even reported a medical issue.


If you feel your facility could be doing a better job taking care of their patients, at whatever stage that might be, read on for 4 simple ways you could begin to improve patient care.


Ensure Patients Are Feeling Supported from the Get-Go

Often, a patient’s care journey starts long before they see a doctor. It stands to reason that, to improve overall satisfaction, the support needs to start from their initial interaction. It’s most likely this is going to be with a receptionist. To ensure this is a comforting experience, it is important that phone staff are instructed on how to handle delicate issues, while being empathetic and reassuring.


Make Waiting Areas a Nice Place to Be

The next place a patient is going to find themselves is sitting in a waiting area. Now consider, is your waiting area designed with the patient experience in mind? While it doesn’t need to resemble the Ritz, cold hard floors and uncomfortable seats are not very inviting. Simple changes, like comfortable seats, warm inviting colors on the walls, and some free water or coffee available could make a huge difference.


In addition to a space that feels warm and welcoming, every area of the practice should be spotless. This is a good way to show patients that you care about their health and wellbeing. Try to see the surroundings through a patient’s eyes to make sure you’re demonstrating a high enough level of cleanliness, that shows you care.


Always Be Prepared

In the medical profession, preparation is key.  It’s important to ensure the practice is stocked up with medical supplies, as well as the essentials, such as PPE, infection control, and cleaning supplies at any given moment. Running out of something you might need, while seeing a patient, is just not an option. It’s a quick way to guarantee the patient sees you as unprepared and untrustworthy.


Take a Personal Approach

At every stage, a personal approach can make all the difference. Once the patient has reached their appointment, the medical practitioner should make the effort to show an interest in the patient, show empathy for their concerns, and ask questions to get a better understanding of the issue at hand. Even a little eye contact can go a long way to helping people feel heard and cared for.


While there are many struggles that local GPs face, following these 4 simple tips can go a long way to improving customer satisfaction and, in turn, improving the daily experience of the medical practitioner too.  If patients are feeling comfortable and well looked after, they’re less inclined to feel agitated if any day-to-day problems do arise.

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