Here Is Why You Need the Suddenlink Smart Wi-Fi 6!

Suddenlink has the sixth-largest coverage of cable services in the US. It is available in more than 17 states with the most prominent services in Texas and Louisiana. Other than cable, it also offers fiber internet services with some notable benefits and features such as unlimited data, paperless billing, free HBO Max subscription, and affordable gigabit internet plans. However, among these, its biggest advantage is the advanced smart Wi-Fi 6 technology that comes with select Suddenlink plans. If you didn’t already know what Smart Wi-Fi 6 is and why you need it, keep reading to find out.

What Is the Suddenlink Smart Wi-Fi 6?

Suddenlink provides Wi-Fi 6 with select plans. Plans that do not include Wi-Fi 6 come with the Wi-Fi 5 gateways. These devices are basically 2-in-1 that perform the function of a router and a modem.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest technology and generation of wireless internet connectivity. It is known for having broader channels, ensuring faster data travel, and less congested networks. Therefore, Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for homes where there are more than five devices.

It achieves this increase in speed due to the MU-MIMO technology as well as the use of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. When compared to older Wi-Fi generations like the Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 is said to achieve 40% higher speeds.

There is also a smart technology in Wi-Fi 6 called target wait time or TWT. This technology communicates with your devices about when to turn on their Wi-Fi radio and when to put it to sleep or temporarily off. Resultantly, your devices become extremely power efficient and have longer battery life.

Why Do You Need the Suddenlink Smart Wi-Fi 6?

Not sure if you should be switching to Suddenlink internet and enjoy Smart Wi-Fi 6? Here are important reasons why….

  • For Covering Your Large Home

If you subscribed to select Suddenlink Internet plans, you will be eligible to get a free Wi-Fi extender with the gateway. With the extender, you will be able to enjoy advanced mesh technology and cover your whole house with powerful internet signals. Hard to reach areas where the internet is weak or almost nonexistent can be overcome with this advanced technology offered by Suddenlink.

  • For Connecting Many Devices to the Internet

Every household now has at least more than five devices that need the internet. Older Wi-Fi generations might not be sufficient for your family’s needs. For this reason, you should definitely utilize the smart Wi-Fi 6 technology that comes with Suddenlink internet plans.

  • For Enjoying the Speeds You Actually Pay For

Suddenlink has one of the cheapest gigabit internet plans. However, Wi-Fi technology that does not provide signals to all parts of your house or has congested channels will definitely affect your internet experience negatively. Therefore, the smart Wi-Fi 6 technology can actually help you enjoy the speeds that you are paying for. There will be less traffic on the network, and the data will travel much faster than it does on older generations of Wi-Fi.

  • For Enhancing Your Device’s Performance

Charging and recharging your smart devices is certainly a hassle. And we all know that Wi-Fi connectivity is the most battery-consuming activity.  With Smart Wi-Fi 6 and its TWT technology, you don’t have to worry about using high speed Internet and draining your device’s battery completely.

Suddenlink Packages That Come with the Smart Wi-Fi 6

The Suddenlink smart Wi-Fi 6 offer is available with only select plans. The best part is that even if you subscribe to a plan that does not have Wi-Fi 6, you can still get Wi-Fi 5 which is also one of the recent and reliable Wi-Fi standards. You must reach out to Suddenlink customer service to discover Suddenlink Smart Wi-Fi 6 plans in your area, and order online to get more discounts too!


Plan Internet speed What’s included Price per month
Internet 1 Gig 1000 Mbps Smart Wi-Fi 6, unlimited data allowance, Suddenlink Stream app, free HBO Max $79.99/mo.


Final Word

Your Suddenlink internet 1 gig subscription comes with Smart Wi-Fi 6 coupled with many other benefits like free HBO Max, paperless billing, and visa gift cards. It is safe to say Suddenlink Internet plans offer great value to its customers. It is very difficult to find high speed plans at such competitive rates. Not just that, but you get excellent coverage in your house and experience these high speeds to the fullest too. You can call Suddenlink customer service at any time to get the best offers available. Since it’s available in numerous states, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a good internet plan in your area, either.


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