Nastaran Queen (Singer And Actress) The Rising Star of Music Market Talks About The Biggest Motivation In Her Life

Dreams always come true for people who take lots of efforts and appreciate every small or big opportunity that comes their way, Some people go their solo way to make their dreams come true; one of them is Nastaran Queen (musician and singer) who is all set to surprise her fans with a new song soon…


Nastaran Queen (also known as NastaranAfshar), Nastaran was born in Ahvaz, Iran. She is from the royal family of King Afshar (Nadir Shah Afshar). Since her childhood, Nastaran Queen had a keen interest in trying new things. Her classmates recall that her thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. She never hesitated in experimenting, So she performed songs and poems on stage, She was also able to learn 4 languages and perform music in 4 languages from an early age, Nastaran graduated as a software engineer from Tehran and then emigrated to Turkey, She met many artists in Turkey and decided to pursue music more seriously. Finally, after living in Turkey for a year, She moved to Los Angeles, California; And that was the beginning of her progress in music.


After immigrating to the United States; and with an evident passion for music and an unmatched work ethic that drives her day in and day out, Nastaran start her way to a successful career. She wants to be something much bigger than herself when it is all said and done, Nastaran was greatly influenced and mesmerized some famous, She also was invited for “Hello Ross” show when he has “Kelly Osborne” and “Melanie Brown” (one of spice girls group) as guest, She started as a TV host on Persian TV, the director was FarzanDeljou a handsome and professional actor who is a very famous in Persian community before revolution of Iran (He was acting with Googoosh), When Nastaran went to “Hello Ross” show; She was a Persian host, that show was nation wide for peoples who knows Farsi (Persian Language), her show name was Hollywood zone with Nastaran.

In this picture you can see Nastaran’s first TV show (the director was FarzanDeljou), She started her career as a TV host, Nastaran Queen had her own show and her show was nation wide, All Persian people around world watched her show when there is no Instagram…Nastaran Queen also was interested in theatre, She was performing one the enjoyable roles on stage in theatre; “Key Exchange” by “Kevin Wade”. Nastaran went to acting school at the same time and later became known as a model and actress, On that year she had many offers from great composers to make music, but because her taste in music is very special, She was finally able to collaborate with international composers Cartio Bros (Cameron Cartio and Alec Cartio). She also was started her new study as a Doctor in Los Angeles, CA.


Nastaran Queen believe; the hardest part about being self-motivated is the fact that it can be easily swayed. Especially if you are in foreign territory, it can become easy to fall into the beliefs and habits of those around you. But in order to become successful, at anything in life, you have to be willing to separate yourself from distractions and continue moving forward on your own, She has worked hard on her songs, Her first music, called “Shabihe To”, finally hit the music market in 2016; And gained many listeners, She was also nominated for several international awards for that music and decided to make a music video for the song with the collaboration and direction of Alec Cartio, which became very special,She also performed an amazing popular show “Hollywood zone with Nastaran” and was able to gain a lot of fans in this TV program, Nastaran think; the music industry is a perfect example in how massive industries are currently undergoing rapid shifts. So she is trying to surprise her fans with beautiful and different songs.


Nastaran Queen is a multi-talented singer, model and actress, She will organize her concert tours soon, Just when you think you’ve got her figured out, She can immediately switch gears and put her talent on full display rather it be singing, singing, or the modeling, She isn’t afraid to incorporate fresh new sounds and ideas in her music. She say, The song is connected by production and message in the music, each lyric will make you want to listen to the next one that follows. From a few quick observations of Nastaran, you will quickly realize that She’s a true leader of the music game first. As an amazing artist, She is determined to create a sound that is ageless and diverse. We will defınıtely hear a lot from her very soon, We cannot wait to see what she brings next to the table in future.


Invite you to watch the “Shabihe To” music video by Nastaran Queen:


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