Artist Feddi K Is Breaking Boundaries In Music

If there is anything that new artists need today in order to stand out amongst the rest, it’s versatility. Meet one of 2021’s most versatile artists: Feddi K.


Feddy K’s music perfectly captures the feelings of being a young man in the modern world; a natural storyteller with an instantly recognizable voice. Everyday, Feddi becomes more and more like the artist in your library who is simply impossible to ignore. With a rapidly growing fanbase and a growing catalog of instantly memorable songs, Feddi is on the cusp of becoming one of this generation’s most vital young talents.


Feddi K was born in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1998.  He spent most of his youth immersing himself in hip-hop, equally inspired by local heroes of the southern scene and icons like Jay-Z and Tupac.  He started performing before he had even become a teenager, appearing on any stage that would hand him a mic.  During these formative years, it became obvious that Feddi was no ordinary talent as he evolved into an artist with an unmistakable voice of his own.


After years spent refining his craft and mastering the ability to put his story into words, Feddi scored his first hit with ‘In My Zone’ featuring Pooh Shiesty.  The track’s viral success gave him a major boost in visibility and momentum.  Since then, he has been taking full advantage of his opportunity while dedicating himself fully to his music.


Feddi K has made it clear that he represents a new era of hip-hop.  While he pays tributes to the giants of the genre, he brings something wholly unique that will inspire a new generation of listeners.  With new music expected in 2021 and beyond Feddi K is poised to leave a lasting impact on the music world.


Follow Feddi K: @TheFeddi

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