What is need for test in senior citizen?

Medical check-up is one way to prevent many diseases. A health check-up after a period of time can help people understand the possibility of the onset of a disease. These tests will tell you the least chance of illness. For adults over 60 or even 50, the aging process can harm their health. They receive the least amount of food and, compared to young people, they face many problems. Therefore, it is obvious that a person needs more care and regular health check-ups should be part of their life. The frequency and nature of the tests may vary depending on the age, health and lifestyle of the patient.


The first test is to check your blood pressure regularly. High blood pressure can indicate other problems. Also, since people with high blood pressure rarely feel discomfort, it’s a situation where it’s easy to sneak up on the elderly and cause significant harm before being discovered.


In addition to checking your blood pressure regularly, make sure that your loved one is monitoring his or her weight. Unfortunately, as we age, our metabolism will change, and the elderly are prone to gain weight, which is not good for health. A few pounds may not be a problem, but significant weight gain can cause various health problems.


From the age of 50, if you have not done it, it must be 60 years old. The elderly should be screened for colon cancer regularly. There are three different tests, each with its own regular schedule, so be sure to keep it up to date. Although it can be cured if caught early, colon cancer is usually not found until it is too late.


Men should be screened for prostate cancer regularly; women should be screened for breast cancer. As women age, the risk of breast cancer increases, so be sure not to ignore this. Women should also continue the Pap test until the doctor says it can be stopped because older women can still get cervical cancer.


It is a good idea to start regular bone density scans starting around the age of 65. As we age, our bones lose density and become brittle, which leads to a greater possibility of fractures. This is especially dangerous for people who may suffer from hip fractures. Hip fractures in the elderly are very likely to cause permanent disability, and even death in some cases.


Cholesterol testing should be a routine part of the elderly health plan. As with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels will usually go undetected for a long time because people with this disease still feel very good. Unfortunately, high cholesterol is bad because it can cause heart attacks, strokes and other vascular problems.


Elderly people should check blood sugar regularly. High blood sugar may be a sign of diabetes; if left untreated, diabetes can cause serious health complications, including loss of limbs, organ damage, and even death. Once someone turns 60, they may consider taking a thyroid hormone test every five years. Thyroid disease can cause hair loss, weight loss, fatigue and even depression.


As the elderly pass 60 and enter their twilight years, it is important to pay attention to any problems that may arise. Doing so will help you live a long and happy life.




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