Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Loft

For many households, the loft is an unused space that is often left to gather dust. However, with a loft conversion, this dead space can be completely transformed into a functional room. Not only will a loft conversion give you an extra room to play with, but it is also a great way to add value to your property. Here are four ways you can make the most of your loft.


                    Make a Passive Income by Renting It Out

If your loft is already in a livable condition, but you have absolutely no use for it, why not make a passive income by renting it out to paying tenants? Some people keep hold of spare bedrooms so that they have a space to host guests. If your overnight guest count is low, it is a much more lucrative idea to rent out the room instead, especially if you live in a saturated area.

For example, rooms to rent in London can fetch a lot depending on the borough you reside in. Not to mention, the more amenities you can offer, the more you can charge. Just make sure you go through the processes properly and vet each potential tenant. A detailed contract signed by both parties will also cover you should any issues arise.


                    Create a Blissful Indoor Garden

Those with a lack of outdoor space can use their loft to create a blissful indoor garden instead. Flex your green thumb and get creative with your space – add shelves to the walls, appropriate lamps to create optimal conditions, and choose plants that thrive indoors. Many types of seedlings can also be cultivated inside so long as you can control the temperature. Plus, there are certain varieties of vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow indoors.


                    Relax in Your Very Own Home Cinema

If you enjoy trips to the cinema and love immersing yourself in a good movie, why not convert your loft into your very own home cinema? Spacious lofts make fantastic spaces for recreational use; all you need is a large TV or space for a video projector, comfortable seats, and a high-quality sound system. The addition of freshly made popcorn and thirst-quenching beverages will have you questioning why you ever left the house to catch a movie to begin with.


                    A Meditation Room to Zen Out

Many people find it difficult to find zen in their lives. If this sounds like you, taking up meditation can truly help you chill out. Meditation is an ancient practice that revolves around becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings and feeling content in life. It can help you deal with the many stresses life throws your way and improve your overall well-being.

You can turn your loft into a meditation room by clearing out the clutter, painting the walls in a neutral hue, and adding comfortable furnishings. Add an essential oil diffuser or scented candles to help you relax, and make it a habit to visit this room regularly to meditate. This room can also be used to do things that relax you, such as reading, yoga, or writing.

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