The best space games on PC in 2022

Some game developers want to venture outside the box and explore new territory while developing a game’s design. As a result, space games were developed. In these games, you are thrown into the infinite nothingness and must either struggle for your life or use ingenuity to dominate the void and make it yours.

Space-themed video games are nothing new. Space makes a fantastic backdrop for many kinds of media. Developers have produced galactic adventures for many years. However, new PC gaming technology has created space games on this site that are  more realistic! As a result, triple-A and independent companies are building engrossing, lore-filled universes that can hold your attention for hours. In 2022, you may find a wide variety of fantastic video games with a space theme. Several options this year include 4X strategy games, competitive FPS games, and plot role-playing games.

Parimatch is inviting everyone for game action. The best space games for PC in 2022 are listed below to assist you in bravely unlocking areas where no one has ventured!

Outer Worlds


  • NPC associates
  • Action RPG
  • a character reputation system that is innovative
  • several planets

Obsidian Entertainment produces this peculiar space game. Even though it contains the futuristic aspects you would anticipate from a space-themed game, it has a distinctly retro feel.

The game is played in a parallel universe where space colonization by humankind has already started. So you get to explore a made-up star system where humanity has moved.

Outer Worlds has a highly intricate plot. Roguelike characters will be shown debating issues such as politics, morality, and more. You’ll get the chance to choose significant actions that influence how you’re perceived in the fictitious star system while playing. Choose one playthrough to work as a freelancer, and join a shady organization during the next!

Anno 2205 – PC


  • Designed for PC 
  • Has city-building simulation
  • Plays without an internet connection
  • Specific economics components

The typical city-building simulation gameplay approach is wholly altered in Anno 2205! This game presents a novel challenge that extends to the infinite reaches of space.

It also features conventional cities found on Earth. You can, however, make your civilizations so advanced that they take off for space. The experience continues, unlike many other games. You can move to different planets and concentrate on settling them with humans. In the deepest reaches of space, people are mining for precious materials on the moon and discovering undiscovered planets.

Examine how far you can advance your society of the future!

Star Trek Online


  • It is a Massively multiplayer online game
  • Character development in great detail
  • a well-known fictional place
  • uncontrolled components
  • Choose from six races to play as

This video game is a must-try for Star Trek fans. The game, created for Star Trek fans, deepens the mythology and lets you experience life as one of your main stars aboard a spaceship!

Star Trek Online allows you to team up with other players to form a crew in an MMO game. Select your raise, name a captain, and accept positions that will help your craft. You can travel through the cosmos as you play. Randomly produced elements offer an infinite number of discoveries.

Dead Space 3


  • Action-horror survival
  • Both solo and cooperative modes
  • Effortless combat system
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Horrific extraterrestrial adversaries

Do you wish to encounter the true terror of space? As a video game fanatic, consider Dead Space 3. This survival horror action-adventure game is a brilliant depiction of what it feels like to confront the unknowable.

This game’s third release in the Dead Space series continues the narrative. You take on the job of a former space engineer who battles the game’s antagonists, the Necromorphs.

The adversaries are genuinely ominous. Therefore, you must use cutting-edge weapons and various tactical techniques to fight through armies of adversaries.

Doom Eternal


  • First-person shooter in space
  • Rapid-fire action
  • A magnificent single-player campaign
  • Slick combat techniques
  • Several players

The Doom series is another one that has been around for a while. The first Doom game was revolutionary and popularized the first-person shooter subgenre. The great action series is known for this title. However, it advances the plot and features some fresh, creative gameplay.

You take on the role of the Doomslayer, as in previous Doom games. However, although the game is set on future ships and space stations, you do not fight typical aliens. Instead, your adversaries are engaged in battle with the evil forces of Hell!

Surviving Mars


  • A game that simulates creating cities
  • Downloadable DLC 
  • Modeled after actual Martian data
  • Individual colonists

The day when humans colonize, Mars is quickly approaching. So why not experience that with Surviving Mars? This game has characteristics of a classic city-building simulation. But survival is more important than thoughtful city planning right now!

You assume responsibility for a new colony that has just been established on Mars. You must grow the colony and safeguard your citizens through engineering, research, and careful planning. The difficulties you’ll encounter were created by the developers using actual Martian data. There is, therefore, some unusual realism present.


These PC space games are prepared to take you into the universe. There is something that always suits everyone, whether you wish to explore uncharted worlds or build a fleet of spaceships. So why are you still waiting? Try out these books to begin your intergalactic adventures at Parimatch. And if you want to try out the game and make some money, now is the time to sign up for a Parimatch account, get your bonus, and start playing!


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