Pros and cons of plastic composite fencing

Decorations made of WPC have become more and more popular in recent years. Plastic composite fencing from the WPC fence factory and WPC cladding from the wholesale WPC wall panel factory are gradually getting more attention. Plastic composite fencing owns pros and cons just like any other fencing type. This article will introduce these for your reference.


How much do you know about plastic composite fencing?

Plastic composite fencing emerged after plastic fencing and has many differences from both pure wood fencing and pure plastic fencing. It is a powerful alternative to several traditional fencing materials. plastic composite fencing is made of wood powder and plastic. The proportions of each of these components will vary depending on the manufacturer. The combination of wood fibers and plastic creates the same look as a wood fence. Plastic composite fencing has become the new popular material. Here are some reasons to choose plastic composite fencing and some of its disadvantages.


Reasons to choose plastic composite fencing



Plastic composite fencing continues to perform well even under adverse weather conditions.


Low maintenance

No treatment such as dyeing is required, avoiding the use of chemicals.


Environmentally friendly

Material is safe and recyclable.



Plastic composite fencing is very durable and has a long replacement cycle for long-term benefits.



Plastic composite fencing is very strong and is one of the most durable materials available. It is the material of choice for fence installation in windy areas.


Wide range of applications

Plastic composite fencing is corrosion and rust-resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used in windy areas to coastal areas.



The surface of the plastic composite fence has good stain resistance and wear resistance. It can maintain a long-lasting beauty.


Rich style

Compared with other types of fences, plastic composite fences have more and richer choices of colors and styles.


Easy to install

All the installation components of the plastic composite fence are custom-made, which makes it easy to install a solid fence and saves time on installation.


Downsides of plastic composite fencing

The wood component in plastic composite fences makes them still subject to temperature. Temperature changes can cause slight expansion and contraction due to its plastic composite fence.

In terms of average price, the average initial price of a plastic composite fence is similar to that of a metal fence, lower than that of a hardwood fence, and higher than some other types.

Plastic composite fences are susceptible to mold and mildew produced by surrounding plants, such as flowers and shrubs.



No matter what aspects of fencing performance you value most, plastic composite fencing will make you satisfied.

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