Four Top Tips for Boosting Your Feelings of Contentment in Life

Depending on the choices you have made thus far, combined with the cards that life has dealt you (both good and of course, bad), you may now feel as if some of your goals and dreams may never be achieved.

However, even under an umbrella of ultimate realism, there are still a myriad of ways to improve how you feel about your life and to be more content and fulfilled, and here are four of them. 

  • Let Your Curiosity Guide You 

When you were a child, if something looked interesting, then you likely followed your instincts, even if you ended up burning your hand or getting into trouble some other way. 

As an adult, a combination of societal and environmental factors usually squash any curiosity, but there’s a lot of value to be had in opening your mind and your heart to new possibilities, striving to learn new things, and asking more questions. 

  • Get Outside in Nature Every Single Day 

The healing power of nature isn’t the only reason why you should begin to spend more time in the great outdoors and from relaxing on a sun lounger in your garden to walking around a lake or local park, immersing yourself in the natural world will also help you gain perspective. 

The human condition is such that it’s far easier to compare yourself negatively to other people’s journey in life and not your own, but spending time on your own to think as you walk outside, and being kinder yourself will help you to see the good. 

  • Put Your Health Above Anything Else

Even with a million dollars in the bank, if both your emotional well-being and physical health aren’t in good shape, that round-the-world trip you have planned is simply never going to happen. 

On a smaller and more realistic level, parties, lunches, and solo weekends away camping in the forest are also unattainable if you’re not fighting fit and taking care of yourself properly, on the inside and the outside. 

If you feel as if you can’t be the best version of yourself living at home alone, or indeed an ongoing medical condition is affecting your ability to enjoy each day, then you could consider the myriad of benefits of moving to a prestigious care home, such as

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal 

The fourth and final way to realize all of the positive, even wonderful, components of your life as it is right now is to actively write down everything that you’re grateful for.

A gratitude journal is a popular tool for use in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), for people who are struggling with periods of low mood and depression and are therefore being encouraged to reframe how they think about the negative aspects of their life. 

You could either choose to set aside a couple of minutes each night before you go to bed and write down anything you noticed throughout the day that made you smile and that you enjoyed, or else keep a notebook in your purse and write down enjoyable moments as they happen.

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