The most popular search engine is Google. According to facts, Google created the first self-service internet advertising platform, GOOGLE AdWORDS, in October 2000.


For internet marketers, Google Adwords has become the most popular digital advertising tool.It has made the work of marketers easy and convenient.


Google Adwords is a pay-per-click service that uses sponsored links provided by Google to attract traffic to your website. Google can scale the exposure of your ad if you have a limited budget. Google Adwords has changed its name to Google Ads. This is one of Google’s most major product upgrades in recent years. The absence of the term “words” in the name could be the clearest sign yet that a keyword-free Ads experience is on the way.





The paid search results which you can see on top of your search results are Google search ads. They are provided by Google (SERPs).

They’re often known to as SEM, or search engine marketing, and they’re the first thing that comes to mind when people think about using search engines to promote their businesses.



Google Display Ads are adverts that display in the form of banners or images on third-party websites. Websites that participate in Google’s Display Network include code on their pages that allows Google to display adverts in certain portions of the site.

Google decides which advertisement is the most appropriate to display relying on characteristics such as audience demographics, the context of the content on that site, and other targeting data, despite the fact that the site has no power over which advertisements appear.



YouTube is owned by Google, which gives them the ability to advertise on YouTube videos. Google Video Ads are the short clips that appear before or during videos that are hosted on YouTube and are targeted to specific audiences. They also include text ads that appear on a video while you’re watching it, if the video has text ads.




Google also owns Gmail, allowing them to disseminate adverts through that channel as well. In the recipient’s inbox, Google Gmail Ads appear at the top of the promotional and social tabs. The adverts have a subject line, sender, and pre-header, and are designed to seem like emails (the text that comes after the set subject line).



Google Shopping Ads are product listings that appear near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). They are presented with a plethora of rich media, which may include product names, photos, pricing, star ratings, and other product information, amongst other elements.



Local Search Ads are displayed on Google Maps when someone searches for a specific type of nearby business. Local Service Ads show at the top of the search engine results page when someone searches for a local service-based business (SERP).


Best Ways to promote through Google Ads


Using Google Adwords can become a tedious task for businesses who are established or who want to concentrate on more core works. Therefore there are some platforms through which you can run your Google ads online ad campaigns efficiently. Let’s see them:


1.   LENOS


Lenos or LenosTube is so far the greatest site I tried for promoting your YouTube advertising professionally and with cheap prices. For your YouTube video, LenosTube builds a powerful Google Ads campaign. It uses its powerful bespoke algorithms to analyze and optimize your video and aextreme audience targeting if you select the Discovery method.

If you want to learn more about LenosTube, go visit their website or to learn more, read some reliable LenosTube reviews on the web.



VRocket is a YouTube advertising platform that assists you in promoting your videos. VRocket is made up of a group of certified Google Ads advertising specialists who will make sure your videos achieve the most reach and exposure possible on YouTube.



Sniperviews has been a well-known service that promotes YouTube content. They use seeding on websites and YouTube to promote various types of videos and YouTube channels. They can target people based on their location, age, gender, and interests.SniperViews launches your channel’s organic Google Ad campaign.



They are a pioneer in Google ads management. They launched an optimized google ads campaign. They believe in click conversions. So they help in increasing your customer base also.


Guys, we all know that for promotion we need Google ads. But the best use of Google Ads is very essential for desired results of online ads campaigns. So if you need professional guidance you can choose the above mentioned platforms.

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