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Photos have become an integral part of today’s digital age. Many industries rely on good quality photographs for the growth and success of their business. From advertising products to marketing skills, photos are able to give business definitions. This is why it is important to add a unique touch to any photo whenever it comes to distinguishing which business or product can be sponsored. A free online background remover is an easy and effective way to do this.

Briefly remove the background

Basically what Free Background Remover does is remove or cut out the whole background of unwanted objects or images.

There are many photo editing services that offer free removal of backgrounds from images. Of these providers, only a few are capable of producing professional-quality results.

Top 10 Free Online Background Removal Tools

Below are the top ten background removal tools that can remove backgrounds from any image.

Removal Another tool similar to the technology behind removal is It is also effective in creating transparent backgrounds for images so that they are easier to edit for other uses. The free version lets you download only 612 × 408 resolution.

It also offers a free trial for their services. Although it uses AI technology, their subscription fee is higher than the removal. For example, a package of 40 images costs 9. 9.00 and a package of 75,000 images costs 5 5,450.

free online background remover

Clipping Magic is also a fully- automatic tool to remove photo backgrounds. It promises an effortless method of preparing images for further edits. The tool also includes a few functions, like crop and color adjust, to create professional results. The pricing is a bit more expensive for this tool with the lowest package at $3.99 per month for only 15 credits or images.

Remove Background from Image

InPixio is a good tool if you are having photos that are for product catalog use. It is a practical method of removing backgrounds from photos so that they can be repurposed. While it seems easy to use, it can be a little difficult to navigate through the tool as you need to concentrate on highlighting the areas that are needed to be removed. Pricing for its services are not disclosed on the site which forces those who are interested to contact the company first. This is inconvenient since clients usually check for the prices first for comparison to other providers.

 Remove Background from Image

Autoclipping does automatic background removal in order to allow recreation of photos for other uses. It provides a space, called an Artboard, where the finished images can be dragged into and place decorations and text layers. Using the online editor is free but users will have to pay for downloading the edited images. They offer 5 free downloads for non-commercial use but the next downloads will be charged, depending on the purchased subscription. You may choose to pay for $9.99 for a monthly download of up to 300 images or a no-subscription account for up to 200 downloads at $ 14.99.

Free Background Remover

Background Burner is a free tool to remove backgrounds from images. It automatically removes the background areas and provides choices, depending on the quality or the preferred intensity of the “burned” areas. You may choose to touch up the images to match your desired results. The personal edition is priced at only $9.95 and will allow up to 20 photos per month. Commercial version is available at $49.95 a month for up to 250 pictures, and is ideal for small business enterprises. Photographers and other industries that edit more photos every month can have the professional package at $399.95 which is good for up to 2000 photos.

Remove the unwanted background of an image could be tricky, especially for image editing beginners. Bgeraser is a free online AI-based background removing tool. This tool adopts deep machine learning technology to remove the background of the image automatically. The first thing you need to do is to open the official website of Bgeraser. Then, upload the image you want to edit with the dimension of Max Size 2MB, Max Dimensions 700*700. The next step is to click ‘Start’ to start the process. After a few seconds, download the result. Now, you will get the outcome image.

All uploaded files will be deleted every 2 hours. No one can access your information without your permission. Also, the results are with high-quality, some details will be recovered automatically. Now, with Bgeraser, you will get the quality results within mere seconds.

free online background remover

Remove image background instantly with PhotoScissors automatic background removal tool. Then replace the background with a transparent, solid color or another background image. This free online background remover is intended for e-commerce, product photos and media images. Low resolution photos are free to download.

However, you need to purchase using credits if you want to obtain the high quality image resolution. You can choose Pay as you go options starting at 10 Credits for $4.99 (at 50¢/image) upto 1000 Credits for $29.99 (at 3¢/image).

Free Background Remover

Instead of the modern AI technology, Kapwing lets the user control the background removal process using the mouse or finger and the eraser tool on the app. The app itself is simple to use but it would take plenty of time to complete a single image. This is not for people who have to edit hundreds of photos a day since it could really take a while to finish a single photo. It is free to use but with a 250MB file upload limit. A 1GB file upload limit is available at only $20 per month.

Background Remover Free

The Fotor background remover is simple and straightforward. The background can be made into a transparent one instead of white. You can further experiment on how you want the photos to look like using the photo editor. You may add stickers, effects, or make collages, or add text layers to your photos.

The Fotor photo editor is free to use online but you need to subscribe if you want to unlock premium features. You can choose to be billed annually at $39.99 a year or $3.33 per month. A more flexible monthly billing is also available at $8.99.


Among the top free online background remover tools listed above, only is able to provide a seamless experience in removing backgrounds. It is simple to use and yet the results are always amazing. The use of BG technology ensures a faster processing of images, without too much effort coming from the user. This is very convenient for industries that are in need of thousands of high-quality images for a variety of applications. The competitive pricing is also great, especially because you really get to enjoy professional-quality photos every single time.


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