A growing percentage of alcoholism in men

Alcohol Use Disorder


Alcohol use disorder is a type of disorder in which one can’t control how much he drank. alcoholism 


Men have more percentage of alcohol addiction than women


  • According to the latest research, men are almost two times more alcoholic than women. 
  • They are a binge drinker
  • In 2021, 8% of men had an alcohol use disorder 


Alcohol addiction has a direct connection with Injury and Violence


  • It is often observed in alcohol rehabilitation centers that the percentage of men are higher than women.8
  • It’s been reported that alcohol misuses cause about three-quarters of deaths among males, resulting in about 78,000 deaths every year in the U.S.
  • Men are more drunk drivers that cause serious road accidents as compared to women.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to increases in aggression in a person. This increases the chances of physically assaulting another person.
  • The ratio of males committing suicide is significantly more in males and it has been observed that most are also likely to develop alcohol addiction before suicide. 
  • Alcohol use increases the risk of multiple cancers i.e, mouth, throat, esophagus and colon, etc.


Effect on Men’s Reproductive Health


  • Excessive alcohol use can lead to infertility in men.




In alcohol addiction, the ill person never realizes the symptoms first. These symptoms are often recognized by his surrounding people. 


Some common symptoms of AUD are down below:

  • These people like to drink alone or in secret so that no one disturbs them.
  • They are not able to control the amount of alcohol or beer being consumed.
  • Always passing out and not being able to remember parts of time
  • They tend to start losing interest in hobbies that were once enjoyed by them.
  • They always have a strong urge to drink alcohol any time
  • It’s been observed they try to hide and store alcohol in unlikely places
  • They started to have family issues, problems with relationships, the law, finances, and work due to alcohol.
  • They experience nausea, sweating, or shaking when they are not taking alcohol.


Treatment of alcohol addiction


The foremost step for any recovery is to acknowledge that there is a problem and desire to treat it 

The next step is to get proper help and care. Finding the right male alcohol addiction treatment program depends on the person’s situation and goals. People often believe that a combination of treatments works better. This includes inpatient or residential programs and outpatient programs.


Recognized treatment options for alcoholism in the male are as follows:


  • Self-treatment: Some men who have a strong desire to get rid of their disorder solely manage to reduce their beer or any alcohol consumption without any professional help. But it requires strong willpower 
  • Treating hidden problems: There may be some hidden problems because of which alcohol addiction might have arisen, including stress, anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental health issues. It is necessary to treat them  
  • Residential programs: The male alcohol addiction treatment programs are help these people. The institutes provide professional help to the addicts.




Men are consuming more alcohol and the increase in beer or any other alcoholic beverage is lethal for any adult human that can lead to several disorders, violent offenses, and even death. so, it is good to visit a treatment institution to get rid of this addiction.

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